My Active Lifestyle Essentials! Plus Mini Workout Routine!

Hello lovelies!

For this blog post I’m sharing my active lifestyle essentials! And I’ll also be sharing my favourite quick work out routine at the end. So I’ll be showing you lots of cute outfit pieces I like and I also used some examples from a few of my favourite work out clothing sites such as AdoreMe, Victoria Secret Pink, etc. Pretty much anything I thought looked cute.

So here are my active lifestyle essentials for working out and staying fabulous well doing it!

  1. A Good Sports Bra

Having a perfect sports bra is very important for working out not only does it make it more comfortable and support you but it also can look super cute if you style it the right way! My fave way to pair one would probably be with a pair of cropped tights as seen in this photo and this is a look from AdoreMe’s active wear collection it’s adorable!

Style Secret: Pairing a sports bra with tights is more flattering then pairing one with shorts especially if your bra and tights match!sp17_1209_anoma_064_web_anoma-print-active-bra-and-pant-set-for-women

2.  A Lazy but Cute Workout Top

I don’t know about you guys but I’m not comfortable working out or just walking around in a sports bra so I like to have a really lazy and loose but very cute top to go over my sports bra. This shirt here I want so bad actually because of how cute it! It’ll match all my current work out clothes (maybe I’ll make a post about those!) and it can also pass as a normal everyday top too! This shirt is from AdoreMe and it’s in the Siara set.

Style Secret: Always bring a spare top or hoodie with you when you go out to workout encase it gets chilly out or you need to run some last minute errands but don’t want to go shopping in a bra.


3. Tights/Leggings

As I mentioned I love working out in leggings, and my favourtie kinds are tight and breathable. Wearing tights when you work out helps warm up your body faster and having them in a breathable material makes it so you don’t overheat. I really like these ones from Victoria Secret Pink.

Style Secret: Tights aren’t just for working out! You can try to pair them for a casual look or wear them under a dress if they’re not too out there!


4. Water Bottle

Obviously you’d need a water bottle to work out so you stay hydrated because that’s the most important thing! They’re so many different kinds of water bottles but I like mine to look super cute! This one is also from PinkUntitled

5. Ipod/Phone

My last workout staple would be an IPod or Phone. Pretty much anything you can listen to music with. Because working out is pretty boring without music (I still find it fun either way)


Now those were my active lifestyle essentials. I guess it’s time to share with you my quick workout I do when I don’t have enough time for an intense workout, this is super quick but effective and you can easily do it at your own home!

Kaitlyn’s Quick Workout Routine:

35 Jumping Jacks

30 Squats

25 Push-ups

20 Sit-ups

15 Leg Scissors

10 burpees

5 v-ups

And that’s it! Don’t forget to stretch everything afterwards too!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Don’t forget to check out some of those cute workout essentials of mine so you can stay fabulous well working out and style them to your hearts content! And I’ll see you next time.

xoxo Kaitlyn

Sweet Lolita OOTD

Hello Lovlies!

Long time no see! I feel like blog posts are more special if I post them whenever and not on a schedule but maybe that’s just me being lazy. Anyways sorry for the lack of posts I was feeling uninspired lately but hopefully I’m back on track! So as you guys know I like dressing in many different fashion styles not just whatever is trendy which is pretty much the only thing I post about but honestly I don’t always like what’s trendy so why would I buy things I don’t like and not dress like the real me? I wanna be real with people and not fake, anyway enough of my random rant or whatever, today i’m showing you guys one of my all time favourite fashion styles ever and that is Lolita Fashion. Lolita Fashion is a Japanese street style that started in Harajuku Japan and has spread throughout the world and it’s about being elegant, innocent, and cute. Not a lot of people know about this fashion style but it’s honestly one of my favourites and I’m super excited to share it with you today, so let’s get a look at my Lolita coordinate aka outfit shall we.


Here is a full view of my outfit or as the Lolita community calls it a Coordinate. For those of you who don’t know the fashion this might’ve surprised you and you may find it very out there and weird. I’m wearing a Sweet Lolita Coordinate and there are many different sub-styles of Lolita and I love them all! A few sub-styles would be: sweet, gothic, classic, bittersweet, euro, and many more. Honestly there’s so many you’d have to google to find a list. Mine is more sweet and a little bit bittersweet. The main thing you’ll see in lolita is the cupcake shape of the dresses and skirts which is achieved by a petticoat. It gives you that big poof!



What I love about this dress is the fun neck style! I just love when necklines cross over like that and having that little bow in the center really makes it. As you can see the style is very doll like and kind of childish too, but at the same time it’s very elegant and beautiful.



Here’s a close up on the print. My dress is from a site called BodyLine and the print of my dress is called Striped Balloon Bears. The theme is little teddy bears and balloons obviously, and the stripe part of the name is for the overall print of the dress which is black and white striped, but you can get in many different colours I just like the black one for more of a “bittersweet” inspired Lolita look to it.



On my wrists are things called Wrist Cuffs, which are kind of like sleeve stoppers I suppose. They just add a fun little touch and help complete the overall outfit. I made my wrist cuffs from lace and I use these pretty pink beaded bracelets as an ascent to make them look more completed.

sock skirt


In Lolita fashion it’s very impotent to show as little skin as possible, so generally you’d wear tights or knee high socks always topped with some sort of lace. I’m wearing these pretty black knee high socks I found at Ardene and they’re super Lolita! You can easily find little things at normal stores to help complete an outfit. My shoes I ordered off of BodyLine and they’re a super light pink but show up more white on camera but in person they’re a super cute baby pink.



I found my little cupcake ring at an anime convention last Fall, but I also like to make my own rings and accessories out of polymer clay. One of the best parts of Lolita fashion is that you can make lots of the things you’ll wear and use, plus it gives you so much self expression!

back  full1

I guess this is where I end my post. I hope you enjoyed this post and expect more because I have a lots of Lolita outfits i’d love to share with you and many more ideas to share! Keep checking back because you never know when I might make a new post, but if you’d like to see me weekly check out my YouTube Channel I post there every Wednesday!

YouTube channel:

xoxo Kaitlyn

Spring Into Style

Hello Katy Kats!

This weeks blog post is one of my new favourite Spring outfits of this year! Spring is super soon and here in Canada it’s still snowing.. But it is getting warmer so it’s time to ditch your winter coats, gloves, and hats, and move on to some lighter jackets, and floral outfits! This outfit was inspired by making a plain white t-shirt and jeans look girly and fashionable, so I took on this challenge and I think I succeeded very well, take a look for yourself.


A full view of my outfit! I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all for this shoot so sorry if my face looks washed out from the sun light making my pale skin super bright and hard to see. I usually do my makeup for these photos but I completely forgot! Also the sun was in my eyes for a few pictures lol oh wll at lest my outfit looks super cute.



This outfit has a bit of everything for jewelry. Let’s start with my bracelets that I got from Le Chateu, they’re just these two super cute pearls on a silver stretch bracelet it’s super cute and I’ve never seen something like it before they’re to die for! They’ve also go this super cute pink tint to them which I’m in love with.



My pretty silver hoop earrings are from Ardene, which I think is a Canadian store but I could be wrong. They’re so nice looking though I love how the medal is all twisted and it’s just so eye catching and gorgeous!



See my nice scarf here? It use to be the bottom of an old dress I got last year but I didn’t like the way it looked the bottom of a dress so I cut it up and sewed it and voila! I made a super cute spring scarf! In my last post I used the top of that same dress as the shirt for the other outfit so go back to my Ariana Grande Style Steal post to see what the top of that dress looked like.



I’m actually just wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans for the outfit. It’s the way I styled it that made it look so glamorous and cute. My shirt is from Ralph Lauren and my jeans are from Garage.



My purse is a super cute Speedy Mini Louis Vuitton bag, it’s my baby and I love it so much! It may be small but it sure holds a lot as seen in my what’s in my purse blog post.



My ring is from some cute little shop at an amusement park and my booties are the same booties I almost always wear with all my outfits because they’re just so cute and go with everything it’s hard not to wear them even though I have like 20 other pairs of shoes these are just my go to for almost all seasons! And small black booties never go out of style.


Lastly we have a wardrobe staple. A black (faux) leather jacket! Everyone needs one of these because they go with everything and just really add style and edge to any outfit depending on how you style it. I got mine from an online site called and it took me forever to find the perfect fake leather jacket!


This is where my blog post will end. I hope you guys enjoyed my outfit, and got inspired to stay fabulous inside and out, I love you guys so much and I’ll see you next week in my blog post toodles!!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Get The Look: Ariana Grande

Hello Katy Kats!

Welcome back to another fabulous blog post! Today I’m going to be showing you how to look like Ariana Grande, so keep reading and see how to steal her style and become queen Ari herself.


Here’s a look at my Ariana Grande inspired outfit I put together for you guys. Ariana always wears sweetheart crop tops and stiff skater skirts its like her thing (well sometimes Taylor Swift does too) Ariana usually wears girly colours such as: Pinks, pastels, and white. She also likes to add bold and bright colours too, so in this outfit I did both, A bold coloured top and a soft light bottom.


A head to toe view.



Like I said Ariana likes to wear cropped sweetheart tops. Mine is actually a diy I did, the top is from the top of an old dress I didn’t like the bottom of so I used a stitch ripper and took apart the seams to separate the top and bottom of the dress making it so I now have a separate skirt and top but I turned that old skirt part of the dress into a scarf and kept the top of the dress how it was and just made sure it looked good, and now I have that top of the dress as a normal top and now I can style it anyway I’d like.


My fabulous white skater skirt is from Urban Planet and it’s from the kids section as embarrassing as that is and it’s still too big on me! So yeah I have a children’s skirt and it’s too big for me so It’s pinned (I’ll sew it to fit me better later lol) But hey it’s a super cute skirt and looks amazing so whatever kids skirt or not I can make it glam!




For accessories I used a simple heart necklace that I don’t know where it’s from. And two pearl style bracelets. Just simple silver jewelry works really well with her style because if the bold colours.


shoes (1)

My shoes are from the brand Findi, and they’re just a basic pair of white wedge heels. They’re super comfy and cute so that’s always a plus.


That’s it for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration if you liked this kind of post let me know in the comments. Come back every Sunday and Wednesday for new fabulous blog posts and keep up with me on my social media for updates sneak peaks and just fun fabulous stuff! Instagram and Twitter are both @kaitlyn_moore15 and my youtube channel is right here!

xoxo Kaitlyn

One Lovely Blog Award


Thank you so much Nina for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award it means a lot ❤ Now below are the rules and everything else everyone needs to know.


  • Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  • Must add 7 facts about them.
  • Then nominate 15 people!

Seven Fabulous Facts:

  1. I’m an allstar prep competitive cheerleader
  2. I have one pet, and it’s a wiener dog named Buddy
  3. My life long dream is to go to New York Fashion Week (ever since I can remember it was my dream)
  4. I’d love to become a fashion designer who models her own creations (like Chanel level designer)
  5. I can spend hours and hours at any mall even if it’s super small I spend 30-60 minutes in each store!
  6. I have 2 ear piercings in each ear (so a total of 4)
  7. I’m allergic to cats but they’re still one of my favourite pets people own

I now Nominate:

  1. My Girls On Tour
  2. Caitlin F Doyle
  3. Tiger On A Gold Leash
  4. Natty Vinh
  5. Alyssa Flanagan
  6. Dajanaerd
  7. The One That Travels
  8. Life As A Daisy
  9. EmmZeeBee
  10. B.B Beauty Designs 
  11. tbymallano
  12. The Good Things Comin
  13. Roxanne Starr
  14. Evelinas Fashion Cafe
  15. Freddy My Love

Xoxo Kaitlyn

Classic Times

Hello Katy Kats!

This week’s outfit is something very classic and elegant (well aren’t all my outfits hehe) I am In love with this outfit it just screams Kaitlyn or Chanel haha. So what inspired me to put together this look? Well just classic, Chanel, and old runway couture styles. Now here is the fabulous outfit!


A beautiful full look at my outfit! The inspiration piece of clothing for this outfit was the shirt. I have been on a hunt for peter pan style collars on shirts and when I saw this I knew I needed it! And so I bought it and already had a vision of what I’d pair it with, my sisters thought the shirt was ugly but once I styled it they liked it!



Now where did I get this fabulous top? Surprisingly at Ardene which is a store I normally don’t like because they almost never have girly/classy outfits but I was just in the store looking at shoes and saw it, so note to self: even if you don’t like a store you might find something in there you actually do like so look around because your perfect outfit might be there. This is an ivory white lace top and it’s so pretty! It is a little see through even though it has two layers to prevent that, but I don’t mind as long as I’m wearing A white bra or something under it’s good.


O.M.G here is the peter pan collar!!! These were huge back in 2013 and I’ve always loved the look but didn’t think I’d look good in it until I got older because back in 2013 I was only a pre teen maybe a little older so I wasn’t really into that kind of look on me because when I was 12 I only ever wore bright pink and neon colours ouch.



The only accessories I have on are this pearl bracelet and a pearl headband. I always wear this pearl and I wear it too much but hey it’s so cute I can’t help it! It’s from Le Cheatu and it matches all my outfits perfectly!


This outfit also gives me a Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl feel. It’s like school girly preppy and super classy and elegant, but there is nothing wrong with being upper east side’s style icon 😉


I want to add one last thing before I go. It was so cold and windy outside when I did this photos so that just goes to show how dedicated I am to this fabulous blog and how much posting means to me and that you guys are amazing for always coming back every Sunday to see my posts! And I’m always amazed at how I can write so much about my outfits and get so much inspiration to keep putting together outfits! I love you guys so much ❤


I guess that’s all the photos I had time to do, the rest of the photos I took came out really bad because of the wind and the sun messing up the lighting or blowing my hair in my face, maybe sometime I’ll do a blog post of all the bad photos I have that’d be super embarrassing and funny though. Now I must go and take more blog photos and of course go shopping for even more clothes to keep you guys entertained! ALSO sorry for not posting last week it was raining everyday for that week and my camera isnt water proof so I couldn’t go out and get my photos done for you guys I’m so sorry!!!

Where to buy:

Top: Ardene

Skirt: Garage

Tights: Ardene

Shoes: Payless

Bracelet: Le Chateau

xoxo Kaitlyn

My February Favourites 2017

Hello Katy Kats!

Welcome back to another fabulous blog post! Today I’ll be showing you guys my favourite beauty products from February.


As you all know today is the 1st of March (Spring is coming!!) and since February has just ended I thought It’d be fun to share with you guys the products I’ve been loving this past month because who knows maybe you’ll be interested in one of these  and find a new favourite product so here we go my favourite beauty products from February!


So the first things I’ve been loving are anything pink/red and pearly! Pink has always been my favourite colour and I’ve always loved it but this month especially! I think it’s because of Valentine’s Day honestly because everything is always pink and red. I’ve also always loved pearls even though my dad thinks they’re for old ladies haha, but I find them very elegant and sophisticated, they’re just so fashionable to me and timeless I adore them! The pearl bracelet I’ve been wearing almost none stop is from Le Chateau, and my pearly headband was a gift so I don’t know where it’s from sorry!


The pink nail polish is from Revlon and it’s in the colour Venus, it’s this gorgeous baby pastel pink colour and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it from people it’s so pretty and I’m in love! You can get it at like any drug store it’s fabulous. The Lipstick here that I’ve been obsessed with is from Marc Jacobs and it’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Le Marc collection. I’ve already went through like 2 tubes of this stuff and I keep re buying it because it’s a wonderful red colour it’s not too bright but it’s a really soft red and it’s so nice.

img_0990  img_0991

Eyeshadow Favourites! I’ve been in love with these two eyeshadow pallets lately. The small one on the top corner is from Tarte and it’s the Tartelette Tease Clay Palette. I’ve been using this palette for awhile now and it’s made it’s way into my daily makeup routine It’s just so perfect for daily eyeshadow because of the neutral tones and light colours. The other palette I have here is from the Sephora Collection it’s the Matte Metallic palette and my older sister got it for me for Christmas and it’s amazing for more dramatic, glam, and edgy makeup looks! I’ve been loving playing around with it and doing smokey eyes or just something more heavy it’ll be great for parties or just a day when you’re feeling edgy.


Okay this is the last for makeup before we move on to other products. It’s just this Mascara by Marc Jacobs is the O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara in Blaqure. This mascara works wonders! My eyelashes look so long and pretty but they don’t look like I’m wearing a bunch of mascara and it’s not clumpy either, it’s just the perfect amount of mascara and it feels so light I love it! The other product I have here is just a basic compact mirror from Chanel, it’s my favourite compact I’ve ever had! Why? Because it’s the perfect size for travel and daily use, It feels great when holding it not like it’s going to fall and break, it’s very strong, it has two mirrors in it one zoomed in and other zoomed out, and lastly because well, it’s Chanel and I love Chanel.


Hair favourite number one! This rose gold/copper hair brush. It’s the brand Goody and it’s just so pretty looking! Now I broke my last hair brush and it was some cheap plastic one so I decided to get a better brush and this one spoke to me! For real because it came in a rose gold box that shined like mirror. I’m a huge sucker for rose gold anything plus this brush since it’s not plastic bristles and it’s like a coppery metal it tames my hair better and gives it a fabulous shine and easily brushes through my hair after I’ve curled it.



This product here is my all time favourite product in the whole wide world right now! This product here is the Gatnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti Frizz Serum. What’s that? Well this product helps with frizzy and dry hair and makes it super soft, healthy, and shiny! I’ve always had naturally really dry and frizzy dull hair (it’s not because I’ve dyed and bleached it so much I’ve just always had dry hair okay!) and once I started using this BAM! It was super soft, shiny, and best of all healthy. All I had to do was apply it to the ends and a bit above on damp hair and blow dry my hair well brushing and it’s amazing! Just don’t put it in your roots because that could make your hair look greasy and not pretty this is just for the ends of your hair to help repair it and fix some of the damage.



Okay so this favourite is just a perfume sample I got when I was at the mall. It’s for the new Dior Poison Girl perfume which isn’t out yet (well it might be by the time this post is up) It smells amazing! I can’t really describe the smell but think like fabulous, elegant, and girly. That’s how I describe it, it’s similar to Coco Mademoiselle (my fave perfume) But like not similar at the same time if that makes any sense. I think it reminds me of Coco Mademoiselle because they both have an orange smell in it. You just have to smell it for yourself next time you’re out because describing smell isn’t easy.


My last favourite product is this bath bomb from Lush. It’s the Pink Bath Bomb and it smells so nice and it’s beautiful! Perfect for any relaxing bath after a long day, so nice to pamper yourself it feels like you’re at the spa in a pink girly wonderland.

And that was it for this weeks blog post! Come back on Sunday for an outfit post because I post twice a week one beauty post on Wednesdays (most of the time) and one fashion post on Sundays! I post around 3-4PM both days and until then you can see more of my posts on my YouTube Chanel which I upload videos on every Wednesday at 6AM or follow my social media for updates (those are always linked in the side bar of my blog) my official Instagram and Twitter are both @kaitlyn_moore15 and my Facebook page for my blog is here too until next time I’ll see you guys later I love you!

xoxo Kaitlyn