Soft Winter Style

Hello there lovelies! Outfit details are always linked at the bottom of my posts! Winter has been very strange here in Canada. It didn’t snow for about two months and It has just been very cold (-30 Celsius!) So it has been too cold to go out and take photos but it finally snowed and … More Soft Winter Style

Young Alchemist

Hello, Lovelies, This outfit is inspired by my all time favorite series and creation in the whole wide world, Fullmetal Alchemist. The main focus of this look is my Fma (Fullmetal Alchemist) t-shirt. Then, of course, I have on some cat tights because Alphonse loves his cats. Now let’s get a full detailed look at … More Young Alchemist

Different Styles

Hello Lovelies! This post will tell you about my three fashion styles and maybe it will help you discover your personal style! Welcome back to my website. Today I decided that I would explain a bit about my style in detail. Now style is a way for someone to express themselves not just in the … More Different Styles

Summertime Darkness

Hello Lovelies! Welcome! It’s been awhile but then again don’t I say that every blog post? Again I’m not making any promises on how often I will post here but I did get back into Instagram which is where I plan to post frequently and on my YouTube i’m doing outfit of the days every … More Summertime Darkness

Witchy Woods

Hello Dearies, Welcome back to another outfit post. My blog will be getting a makeover soon so stay tuned for more updates and a new layout. Now that it’s finally warm outside being +20 which is amazing! I can actually do more blog posts like I’ve been saying haha. So this outfit was actually a … More Witchy Woods

Witch On The Beach

Hello Lovelies, The weather was nice for awhile here but today not so much… Luckily I got out during the warm weather to do a photo shoot and my amazing photographer got the perfect shoots she’s so talented! Now this outfit is legit one of my current faves and I can’t wait for summer when … More Witch On The Beach

Magic In The Woods

Hello Lovelies! My amazingly talented friend wanted to take photos of me which I very excitedly agreed to because I take all my blog photos by myself and it takes me hours and many attempts to get photos haha. She’s been learning some photography stuff so we did lots of fun new poses and angles … More Magic In The Woods

Mysteriously Glam

Hello Lovelies! Fall is pretty much here! But the weather is doing the whole warm one day, cold the next kind of thing so it is a bit hard to stay in the fall fashion mindset when it’s super hot out and you wanna wear darker thicker clothing and sweaters, but my solution is to … More Mysteriously Glam

Fierce and Edgy

Hello Lovelies This outfit is inspired by fall! What about it is inspired by fall? Well first off the darker tones of colour are screaming fall! The red velvet skirt is just such a fall staple and the tough edgy top and makeup remind me of fashion week and the fierce models. I hope you … More Fierce and Edgy

Glam City Girl

Hello Lovelies It’s been awhile since I last posted sorry! I had all these outfits all ready to post but forgot where I saved the files haha but don’t worry I found them so now I can upload them throughout the days for you guys! So I recently visited the city which is where the … More Glam City Girl

Vampire Queen

Hello lovelies! As some of you may know I’m into fashion design, well I decided why not start sharing some of the things I’ve made! So occasionally i’ll post the outfits I’ve made and hopefully you guys like them and maybe doing this will help my fashion career in the future so this dress is … More Vampire Queen