Fire Girl

Hello, Lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog. Well, to be honest, no one probably reads this blog because you can just see my outfits on Instagram @Jaiden_Dainae anyways but for the few people that still read blogs welcome. Today’s photoshoot was based off my newest hair colour! It’s a red to orange subtle ombre and I went on a mission to find red trees for this look.

Outfit details and links are always at the end of the post



It’s cold outside let’s all agree. But that doesn’t stop us fashionistas from looking fabulous and using every warm day we get to look our best! Since it’s not snowing outside and it’s been warmer for a fall day I got to wear a crop top! And to me, nothing looks better than a crop top paired with ripped jeans and a (faux) leather jacket. I love the whole “bad girl” “heartbreaker” look and of course, it has my own touches of Jaiden to make it fit my style.



I kept the jewelry to a minimum with my simple heart necklace and two little bracelets that compliment it. Oh, and of course my belly button ring gotta have that when wearing crop tops for that extra pazza and edge.



Since I love faux leather and think it looks great on everyone I paired my jacket with these jeans that are a denim and faux leather mix. They’re not super tight which I think makes the outfit look really good, but they’re also not super big and make everything bulky and lazy plus, they have these cute little cuts in the knees.



And that concludes this outfit post. I’ve been super busy with college applications and working my part-time job but I still try to make time to blog and post on my social media and youtube. I hope you enjoyed and follow my blog for more posts because you never know when they’ll show up in your feed.




Top – Ardene

Jeans – Fidelity Denim

Boots – Ardene

Jacket – DressLink

Jewelry – Le Chateau


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