Young Alchemist

Hello, Lovelies,

This outfit is inspired by my all time favorite series and creation in the whole wide world, Fullmetal Alchemist. The main focus of this look is my Fma (Fullmetal Alchemist) t-shirt. Then, of course, I have on some cat tights because Alphonse loves his cats. Now let’s get a full detailed look at my outfit! It’s just so cute and cozy for the fall and really shows my style and interests in one.

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Some of these photos came out blurry due to editing malfunctions but you can still see the outfit and enjoy it! And of course, I have it posted on my Instagram @jaiden_dainae be sure to follow that so see regualr outfit posts and updates. Like most of my outfits this one is all black with pops of colour that compliment my hair. I went for a mixing fabrics style outfit just because I adore the mixing of fabrics together in outfits and I just love adding a twist on my outfits.





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T-Shirt – Nerdblock

Skirt – BlueNotes

Tights – Hot Topic

Shoes – Ardene

Hat – Roots

Jacket –

Fire Girl

Hello, Lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog. Well, to be honest, no one probably reads this blog because you can just see my outfits on Instagram @Jaiden_Dainae anyways but for the few people that still read blogs welcome. Today’s photoshoot was based off my newest hair colour! It’s a red to orange subtle ombre and I went on a mission to find red trees for this look.

Outfit details and links are always at the end of the post



It’s cold outside let’s all agree. But that doesn’t stop us fashionistas from looking fabulous and using every warm day we get to look our best! Since it’s not snowing outside and it’s been warmer for a fall day I got to wear a crop top! And to me, nothing looks better than a crop top paired with ripped jeans and a (faux) leather jacket. I love the whole “bad girl” “heartbreaker” look and of course, it has my own touches of Jaiden to make it fit my style.



I kept the jewelry to a minimum with my simple heart necklace and two little bracelets that compliment it. Oh, and of course my belly button ring gotta have that when wearing crop tops for that extra pazza and edge.



Since I love faux leather and think it looks great on everyone I paired my jacket with these jeans that are a denim and faux leather mix. They’re not super tight which I think makes the outfit look really good, but they’re also not super big and make everything bulky and lazy plus, they have these cute little cuts in the knees.



And that concludes this outfit post. I’ve been super busy with college applications and working my part-time job but I still try to make time to blog and post on my social media and youtube. I hope you enjoyed and follow my blog for more posts because you never know when they’ll show up in your feed.




Top – Ardene

Jeans – Fidelity Denim

Boots – Ardene

Jacket – DressLink

Jewelry – Le Chateau

Fall Weather

Hello, Lovelies!

Outfit details are at the end of the post always.

It is finally starting to feel like fall and Fall is my fave time of the year! It is just so pretty and inspiring plus, fashion week happens the start of fall in September which makes it even better. Now the colours in fall are always so bright and fun but they also have a dark twist to them which I like. The fact that the leaves go from being alive and green then become the most beautiful they can then just dying is so inspiring and it makes me want to design so many outfits and put together cute outfits too. So today’s outfit is inspired by the cool, comfy weather, and my outfit is dark to resemble how all things in fall die but, remain gorgeous. Okay, that sounded very Tumblr and deep, but I mean it in an artsy fashionista viewpoint not some teen angst way.




My big comfy sweater is from Ardene. (My current fave place to get Fall clothing because they are so warm but remain cute and simple and Fall is all about being comfy and simple) It has this cool criss-cross neckline which really compliments my personal style. Big sweaters are a fashionista staple because they always look stylish with a simple pair of hoop earrings and give you that stylish girl vibe.




Here is a closer view of the details on the top and accessories. My cute little spider brooch is from Hot-Topic it’s actually a Riverdale brooch that Cheryll Bloosem wore and like most girls my age I love Riverdale. My cool crisscross neckline here is super flimsy though and doesn’t stay straight but I do not mind it very much because I like that distressed look.




It is not a Fall outfit unless you are wearing a cute pair of boots! These bad boys are also from Ardene (not sponsored!) They are so cute and give a bit of an Edgy feel. I adore the belts on them and of course the heel to make me tall.








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xoxo Jaiden

Different Styles

Hello Lovelies!

This post will tell you about my three fashion styles and maybe it will help you discover your personal style!

Welcome back to my website. Today I decided that I would explain a bit about my style in detail. Now style is a way for someone to express themselves not just in the fashion world, and for me personally I apparently have lots of self-expression, as I have three styles but at the same time only one style but it is a mix of different styles, which leads to it being my personal style and yeah let me break this all down for you.

Style 1: Trendy With An Edge

The first style I wear lots is the basic “edgy, trendy, city girl” Is that three on its own? Well no, not really. To me, this one is all about being the most fashionable diva ever. I show off that I am confident, bold, and a trendsetter, but I still remain classy. Some examples for this style would be like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl meets Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens and Veronica Lodge from Riverdale all in a darker colour palette with some light colours occasionally incorporated and mixes of prints and fabrics. But I normally stick to deep colours since I have pale skin and like to make it stand out. The colours I generally wear in this style would be the Reds, Blacks, Greys, Whites, Purples and Pinks. Now Here are some of my outfits (I am reusing some photos from my blog to show these as I currently can’t do a photo shoot this weekend!) I would generally wear this style when I am on a hair dying break to keep my hair healthy (currently I have an auburn brown hair colour so I am wearing this style for a bit)


Style 2: Gothic Glam

This next style is gothic. Now goths do not get offended because yes I do love The Sisters O Mercy, Suxioue and The Banshees, Bauhaus, and many other gothic bands. Yes, I know about the background and culture of goth. No, I do not just wear the style because it is “unique and cool” I generally Love the full style, background, etc. Just because someone wears different styles does not make them a “poser” OKAY now that we got that out of the way because there is always someone who complains as this is the internet. It is pretty self-explanatory for this style. Lots of blacks, velvets, lace, etc. I put a “glam diva twist” on this style and yes there is a substyle of goth called glam goth. And my personal fave styles of goth fashion or Trad and Glam so I go for a mix of those elements and I live for it. I will wear this style usually when I have coloured hair since black matches every hair colour and my other styles don’t look great when I have neon hair haha.


Style 3: Kawaii/Lolita

Lastly, we have my super cute Japanese style called Lolita Fashion. This style is very out there and makes me feel so cute and happy. I wear the Sweet and Gothic Lolita sub-styles. This is a very pricey fashion and not very practical but I still wear it casually and have a blast every time. If I am ever sad I can just wear it and instantly feel better, if I feel like my current outfit is too bland I will put lolita on, If I just want to look cute I will wear it, if I feel like wearing it I will. I really don’t need a reason it’s just an “in the moment” kind of outfit. Some days when I have tons of time to get ready I will wear this and just feel the cutest and happiest I can be. The best part about this style is that it has a community of people who all love the fashion and have meetups and just overall are like a family and it is just such a welcoming style and I feel like this one really shows a lot about my personality since some people wear it to anime conventions and lots of girls in anime wear it too, I love anime. It’s super cutesy and childish, I am very childish and love cutesy things. The list for this style will go on because I have been wearing it since I was 12 (17 now) and I just feel it so much and it gives me so much joy! Also, lots of people wear wigs with this fashion which means if my hair doesn’t match I can just put on a wig and be good. But sometimes my fun colourful hair looks amazing with this look too! So it’s a win, win style.


I hope you learned more about me, my style, and why I wear these outfits. Maybe you’ll discover more styles and more about yourself through this post. I hope you enjoyed my outfits and don’t be afraid to change up your look and just have fun! People change all the time and so does your style, trust me I have been through pretty much every style phase ever. #CringeAtMyEmoDays #YellowNails yikes! But I am not super embarrassed by my childhood style phases since they opened new doors for me and I discovered these styles and I have evolved in my fashion journey and my styles and preferences will continue to change all the time because that’s normal especially for someone who has loved fashion their whole life. What is your fave style? Let me know In the comments I would love to know what you think of my style(s) and just what your current style is too!

xoxo Jaiden

Summertime Darkness

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome! It’s been awhile but then again don’t I say that every blog post? Again I’m not making any promises on how often I will post here but I did get back into Instagram which is where I plan to post frequently and on my YouTube i’m doing outfit of the days every Sunday so I’ll do my best to post them here and on instagram too! So here is my outfit.



Okay normally I hate rompers like a lot! But for some reason this one stood out to me and I really really love it! Now I am a hypocrite because I spent so many years hating these things just to fall in love now ahaha But this still is the only one I find cute I still have a hatred towards most rompers sorry not sorry.






What is an outfit without accessories? Nothing just plain boring clothes with no style or personality. Naturally I have a waist belt on because they’re super cute and very flattering. For jewelry I went kind of simple with some basics that always spice up a look such as a velvet choker and a cross necklace as well as a fun bracelet that I made. And of course I have on my bat backpack with my fun anime key chains hanging on it because backpacks are perfect in the summer because you can do everything and not worry about leaving your purse behind or having no hands free.



I feel like makeup and shoes are always a key thing in any outfit because they help pull it together and give your vibe and taste of style. Since it’s summer I went for some light weight, wedge, sneaker boots (that’s a mouthful!) These shoes are so comfy and help give me some height making my legs look longer with my romper since it’s shorts they help elongate my image and make me feel tall and powerful well reaming comfy and cute.









Witchy Woods

Hello Dearies,

Welcome back to another outfit post. My blog will be getting a makeover soon so stay tuned for more updates and a new layout. Now that it’s finally warm outside being +20 which is amazing! I can actually do more blog posts like I’ve been saying haha. So this outfit was actually a quick outfit I put together when I was in a rush to go out a few days ago but then I fell in love with it! It’s so simple but so magical in it’s own way and I adore it so let’s take a look at it.




This outfit was inspired by witches (of course as most my outfits are) The accessory that gives it life is easily the necklace paired with the hat and ring belt. I wear this necklace all the time and it is simply beautiful. I adore the pretty moon pendant with the purple crystal It just gives such a magical fantasy feel.





My beautiful hat here which I think everyone needs in their wardrobe because a wide rimed hat is a staple, is from Roots and I think I’ve worn it at lest twice in my blog.





I also think the way my hair has faded from it’s dark purple to this pink/blonde colour really helps the outfit come to life along with my matching Kat Von D lipstick. Now my tights underneath are not the ones I actually like with this outfit I prefer tighter ones but all of mine went missing (looking at my sister for this one) But it still looks super cute and I love this look!


Top – Garage

Belt – Ardene

Skirt – Garage

Boots – Aldo

Necklace – Spencers

Hat – Roots

WATCH BELOW How my outfit looks with movement in my latest YouTube video!


Thank you so much for reading my dearies! It means a lot that people read these posts because fashion is something I am so passionate about and I can’t wait to go to collage to study it more next year and one day make my own fashion line! Until next time my friends!


A Little Trad, A Lot Of Fab OOTD

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back to another fabulous outfit post! I actually took these photos a little while ago but forgot about them haha classic me right? Anyways I decided to post them since I rarely post to this site as most people would go to Instagram to see outfits and most don’t read blogs anymore since social media is so big and more convenient but for those of you who do enjoy my blog welcome, I still post just not too often and soon i’ll be posting to Instagram more too once the weather lightens up because currently it’s been snowing, hailing, and worst of all freezing rain and this is mid April.










Top – Garage

Belt – Ardene

Skirt – Garage

Jacket – DressLink

Tights – PINK Victoria Secret

Boots – Thrift Store

Necklaces – Moon – Specners

Backpack – Hot Topic

Other Necklaces – Don’t know