Fall Weather

Hello, Lovelies!

Outfit details are at the end of the post always.

It is finally starting to feel like fall and Fall is my fave time of the year! It is just so pretty and inspiring plus, fashion week happens the start of fall in September which makes it even better. Now the colours in fall are always so bright and fun but they also have a dark twist to them which I like. The fact that the leaves go from being alive and green then become the most beautiful they can then just dying is so inspiring and it makes me want to design so many outfits and put together cute outfits too. So today’s outfit is inspired by the cool, comfy weather, and my outfit is dark to resemble how all things in fall die but, remain gorgeous. Okay, that sounded very Tumblr and deep, but I mean it in an artsy fashionista viewpoint not some teen angst way.




My big comfy sweater is from Ardene. (My current fave place to get Fall clothing because they are so warm but remain cute and simple and Fall is all about being comfy and simple) It has this cool criss-cross neckline which really compliments my personal style. Big sweaters are a fashionista staple because they always look stylish with a simple pair of hoop earrings and give you that stylish girl vibe.




Here is a closer view of the details on the top and accessories. My cute little spider brooch is from Hot-Topic it’s actually a Riverdale brooch that Cheryll Bloosem wore and like most girls my age I love Riverdale. My cool crisscross neckline here is super flimsy though and doesn’t stay straight but I do not mind it very much because I like that distressed look.




It is not a Fall outfit unless you are wearing a cute pair of boots! These bad boys are also from Ardene (not sponsored!) They are so cute and give a bit of an Edgy feel. I adore the belts on them and of course the heel to make me tall.








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xoxo Jaiden

Different Styles

Hello Lovelies!

This post will tell you about my three fashion styles and maybe it will help you discover your personal style!

Welcome back to my website. Today I decided that I would explain a bit about my style in detail. Now style is a way for someone to express themselves not just in the fashion world, and for me personally I apparently have lots of self-expression, as I have three styles but at the same time only one style but it is a mix of different styles, which leads to it being my personal style and yeah let me break this all down for you.

Style 1: Trendy With An Edge

The first style I wear lots is the basic “edgy, trendy, city girl” Is that three on its own? Well no, not really. To me, this one is all about being the most fashionable diva ever. I show off that I am confident, bold, and a trendsetter, but I still remain classy. Some examples for this style would be like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl meets Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens and Veronica Lodge from Riverdale all in a darker colour palette with some light colours occasionally incorporated and mixes of prints and fabrics. But I normally stick to deep colours since I have pale skin and like to make it stand out. The colours I generally wear in this style would be the Reds, Blacks, Greys, Whites, Purples and Pinks. Now Here are some of my outfits (I am reusing some photos from my blog to show these as I currently can’t do a photo shoot this weekend!) I would generally wear this style when I am on a hair dying break to keep my hair healthy (currently I have an auburn brown hair colour so I am wearing this style for a bit)


Style 2: Gothic Glam

This next style is gothic. Now goths do not get offended because yes I do love The Sisters O Mercy, Suxioue and The Banshees, Bauhaus, and many other gothic bands. Yes, I know about the background and culture of goth. No, I do not just wear the style because it is “unique and cool” I generally Love the full style, background, etc. Just because someone wears different styles does not make them a “poser” OKAY now that we got that out of the way because there is always someone who complains as this is the internet. It is pretty self-explanatory for this style. Lots of blacks, velvets, lace, etc. I put a “glam diva twist” on this style and yes there is a substyle of goth called glam goth. And my personal fave styles of goth fashion or Trad and Glam so I go for a mix of those elements and I live for it. I will wear this style usually when I have coloured hair since black matches every hair colour and my other styles don’t look great when I have neon hair haha.


Style 3: Kawaii/Lolita

Lastly, we have my super cute Japanese style called Lolita Fashion. This style is very out there and makes me feel so cute and happy. I wear the Sweet and Gothic Lolita sub-styles. This is a very pricey fashion and not very practical but I still wear it casually and have a blast every time. If I am ever sad I can just wear it and instantly feel better, if I feel like my current outfit is too bland I will put lolita on, If I just want to look cute I will wear it, if I feel like wearing it I will. I really don’t need a reason it’s just an “in the moment” kind of outfit. Some days when I have tons of time to get ready I will wear this and just feel the cutest and happiest I can be. The best part about this style is that it has a community of people who all love the fashion and have meetups and just overall are like a family and it is just such a welcoming style and I feel like this one really shows a lot about my personality since some people wear it to anime conventions and lots of girls in anime wear it too, I love anime. It’s super cutesy and childish, I am very childish and love cutesy things. The list for this style will go on because I have been wearing it since I was 12 (17 now) and I just feel it so much and it gives me so much joy! Also, lots of people wear wigs with this fashion which means if my hair doesn’t match I can just put on a wig and be good. But sometimes my fun colourful hair looks amazing with this look too! So it’s a win, win style.


I hope you learned more about me, my style, and why I wear these outfits. Maybe you’ll discover more styles and more about yourself through this post. I hope you enjoyed my outfits and don’t be afraid to change up your look and just have fun! People change all the time and so does your style, trust me I have been through pretty much every style phase ever. #CringeAtMyEmoDays #YellowNails yikes! But I am not super embarrassed by my childhood style phases since they opened new doors for me and I discovered these styles and I have evolved in my fashion journey and my styles and preferences will continue to change all the time because that’s normal especially for someone who has loved fashion their whole life. What is your fave style? Let me know In the comments I would love to know what you think of my style(s) and just what your current style is too!

xoxo Jaiden

Magic In The Woods

Hello Lovelies!

My amazingly talented friend wanted to take photos of me which I very excitedly agreed to because I take all my blog photos by myself and it takes me hours and many attempts to get photos haha. She’s been learning some photography stuff so we did lots of fun new poses and angles which I’m very excited to show you so here we go! All outfit details will be at the end of this post!




Something about being in the woods is just so amazing to me. I love the way it is, the trees the branches the mystery it’s all so fascinating. The forest reminds me of the supernatural like witches and werewolves, vampires, etc. The forest is always so magical and beautiful especially at sun down.






All such wonderful photos! I had a great time getting my photos taken by my friend they all look so wonderful. And posting a new blog post feels amazing since it’s been awhile as the weather has not been the best lots of freezing rain and snow which is not good to be out taking photos and being outside in the -18 weather is not good but luckily it was +8 today which is so warm for this time of year! Anyway I hope you enjoyed my photos and I’ll see you next time.


Glam and Designer Pajama Party!

Hello lovelies!

It’s still winter so most people just want to stay home in their beds with comfy pj’s on am I right? Well today let’s take a look at my pajamas! Most bloggers only show you them dressed up going out but I thought it’d be fun for you to see me in my natural fabulous habitat so here we are in our jammies grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up in your blankets, and have fun!



This is the first time I’ve ever done a bedroom photo shoot! How exciting? Now you get a glimpse of my princess room featuring my giant unicorn plushie haha I’m 16 give me a break toys are amazing, never grow up guys because toys are so cute and look great in model photo shoots.




Every great sleepover starts with makeovers! My current fave beauty products are the Marc Jacobs Black Liquor Mascara, and the Chanel  Rouge Coco Gabrielle Lipstick. What are your current winter beauty must haves? I find red lips and long lashes very classy and perfect for winter time so your face stands out in that white snow blizzard.



Satin pajamas are not a very warm option for this weather but hey they look cute and I love looking and feeling like princess! My fave place to get my pajamas at is Victoria Secret, La Senza, Dior, etc places like that have the best silk and satin pajamas and no this is not sponsored I just love sharing my cute fashion finds with you pretty people!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Effortlessly Chic

Hello lovelies!

It’s been awhile huh? (September 14th 2017 was my latest blog post) Well that’s just because it’s been way to cold for me to go outside in this weather modeling my cute clothes for you guys. Like seriously it’s been -32 C which for those of you who do temperature in Fahrenheit it’s -25.6 F according to google. So that’s very cold but I was lucky enough to get out at only 5 degrees Celsius which is 41 degrees Fahrenheit and yes it was still very cold and snowy but I toughed it out to get a blog post going! I did a couple of outfits so hopefully I have stuff to post from now on haha. So without anymore blabbing on here is my cute  and comfy outfit!




This outfit is very casual and laid back, but at the same time i’m keeping it glam and chic. It’s one of those outfits that looks like you didn’t even try but you still make it look like it belongs on the runway kind of deal. I’m keeping it very basic with a plain white Ralph Lauren Tee and light wash skinny jeans.




To make the outfit not so casual that you’ll fall sleep and be like “wow this isn’t fashion this is just laundry day” I added some accessories. In the winter time I tone down my style because it’s very cold and I honestly just want to be warm but I still need that glamorous feeling going on and to turn peoples heads when I enter the room. So I went for a cute light pink bomber jacket (it was so hard to find one!!) I got this one from H&M and my two necklaces are from a local store aren’t they cute together?



Lastly my boots are from LuLu’s and that;s it for this outfit! I think it’s super comfy, warm, and of course stylish! My next few outfits are probably going to be very laid back like this one as it’s cold and I want to be warm and cute. So I’ll see you in my next blog post which we can hope is next Saturday and I want to post more tips and stuff on this blog so I can post more then just once a week and I’ll see you next time. Follow my blog for more and I love you toodles!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Casually Classy

Hello Lovelies,

This is just a quick outfit post since half my photos did not turn out the way I wanted. Anyway I hope you still find this outfit cute!








Sorry this was such a plain boring post I’m super busy with school at the moment and don’t have lots of time to take photos and write a blog post this week since I have too many essasys to write but hey atlest I made a post so that is good.

Where To Buy:

Top: Ardne

Underneath Top: H&M

Skirt: Gargae


Fierce and Edgy

Hello Lovelies

This outfit is inspired by fall! What about it is inspired by fall? Well first off the darker tones of colour are screaming fall! The red velvet skirt is just such a fall staple and the tough edgy top and makeup remind me of fashion week and the fierce models. I hope you find this outfit as cute as I do!




My shirt is from BlueNotes which is a store I wouldn’t normally shop at but around fall they’ve got some nice edgier pieces that if styled right can look runway chic! Tie up shirts are so in this season so why not go simple and wear a plain black one since the tie up in the front is making such a statement you would not want to wear a bright neon top like this or it will just look tacky.




Accessories are also pretty simple since less is always best in the fashion industry. Two pearl style bracelets from Le Chateau and a velvet choker from some where I forget haha. Then of course my fave fall booties from PayLess I’ve had these bad boys for years and they are pretty dirty but it went with the look so why not (I’m cleaning them though so do not worry!)



And that was the finished look! I hope you thought it was super fierce yet edgy, I feel so NYC Fall right now and I hope you do as well! Before you go follow my blog for more fabulous outfit posts and inspiration I try my best to post frequently fabulous content for you! And stay glam I love you!

xoxo Kaitlyn