Witch On The Beach

Hello Lovelies, The weather was nice for awhile here but today not so much… Luckily I got out during the warm weather to do a photo shoot and my amazing photographer got the perfect shoots she’s so talented! Now this outfit is legit one of my current faves and I can’t wait for summer when … More Witch On The Beach

Magic In The Woods

Hello Lovelies! My amazingly talented friend wanted to take photos of me which I very excitedly agreed to because I take all my blog photos by myself and it takes me hours and many attempts to get photos haha. She’s been learning some photography stuff so we did lots of fun new poses and angles … More Magic In The Woods

Effortlessly Chic

Hello lovelies! It’s been awhile huh? (September 14th 2017 was my latest blog post) Well that’s just because it’s been way to cold for me to go outside in this weather modeling my cute clothes for you guys. Like seriously it’s been -32 C which for those of you who do temperature in¬†Fahrenheit it’s -25.6 … More Effortlessly Chic

Mysteriously Glam

Hello Lovelies! Fall is pretty much here! But the weather is doing the whole warm one day, cold the next kind of thing so it is a bit hard to stay in the fall fashion mindset when it’s super hot out and you wanna wear darker thicker clothing and sweaters, but my solution is to … More Mysteriously Glam

Casually Classy

Hello Lovelies, This is just a quick outfit post since half my photos did not turn out the way I wanted. Anyway I hope you still find this outfit cute! Sorry this was such a plain boring post I’m super busy with school at the moment and don’t have lots of time to take photos … More Casually Classy