Witch On The Beach

Hello Lovelies,

The weather was nice for awhile here but today not so much… Luckily I got out during the warm weather to do a photo shoot and my amazing photographer got the perfect shoots she’s so talented! Now this outfit is legit one of my current faves and I can’t wait for summer when I can wear it more often and feel like the magical witch I truly am haha, okay. Let me show you the beautiful photos now.



We did this shoot during March break so I was very busy and did not have tons of time to write out a blog post then Easter came around so I was also busy, but I do have lots of good outfits and photos that were already done during this time so expect a few posts for the next few weeks. And sadly my phone had a hard fall and I can no longer post to my Instagram so I need to get that fixed asap so I can post on Instagram daily again because I’m pretty sure me being m.i.a for a few weeks has made all my followers unfollow me which sucks.

fix my shoe



What was my Inspiration for this outfit you may ask? Simple. My skirt and of course the beach and witches haha. I just love the way a big fluffy lace outfit blows in the breeze of the wind on the beach and how the sun can hit the model just right and this outfit makes me feel so alive and most like myself it’s an amazing feeling!




Oh the sun setting photos just make everything so pretty! My photographer really hit jack pot on this photo shoot! I really do love the way the sun beams are and how mystical I look and felt during this shoot.


I really hope you enjoyed this outfit it’s one of my faves ever! And I also hope you enjoyed your Spring and Easter breaks I know I did. Leave some comments and link your blog so I can check out your fabulous posts and as always I love you toodles!


Skirt – Eclipse

Waist Belt – Susie Sheir

Lace Cardigan – I made it myself

Hat – Roots

Top – Garage

Moon Necklace – Spencers

Shoes – DIY



Magic In The Woods

Hello Lovelies!

My amazingly talented friend wanted to take photos of me which I very excitedly agreed to because I take all my blog photos by myself and it takes me hours and many attempts to get photos haha. She’s been learning some photography stuff so we did lots of fun new poses and angles which I’m very excited to show you so here we go! All outfit details will be at the end of this post!




Something about being in the woods is just so amazing to me. I love the way it is, the trees the branches the mystery it’s all so fascinating. The forest reminds me of the supernatural like witches and werewolves, vampires, etc. The forest is always so magical and beautiful especially at sun down.






All such wonderful photos! I had a great time getting my photos taken by my friend they all look so wonderful. And posting a new blog post feels amazing since it’s been awhile as the weather has not been the best lots of freezing rain and snow which is not good to be out taking photos and being outside in the -18 weather is not good but luckily it was +8 today which is so warm for this time of year! Anyway I hope you enjoyed my photos and I’ll see you next time.


Glam and Designer Pajama Party!

Hello lovelies!

It’s still winter so most people just want to stay home in their beds with comfy pj’s on am I right? Well today let’s take a look at my pajamas! Most bloggers only show you them dressed up going out but I thought it’d be fun for you to see me in my natural fabulous habitat so here we are in our jammies grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up in your blankets, and have fun!



This is the first time I’ve ever done a bedroom photo shoot! How exciting? Now you get a glimpse of my princess room featuring my giant unicorn plushie haha I’m 16 give me a break toys are amazing, never grow up guys because toys are so cute and look great in model photo shoots.




Every great sleepover starts with makeovers! My current fave beauty products are the Marc Jacobs Black Liquor Mascara, and the Chanel  Rouge Coco Gabrielle Lipstick. What are your current winter beauty must haves? I find red lips and long lashes very classy and perfect for winter time so your face stands out in that white snow blizzard.



Satin pajamas are not a very warm option for this weather but hey they look cute and I love looking and feeling like princess! My fave place to get my pajamas at is Victoria Secret, La Senza, Dior, etc places like that have the best silk and satin pajamas and no this is not sponsored I just love sharing my cute fashion finds with you pretty people!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Dark Light In The Snow

Hello lovelies!

Look at me posting when I said I would! I seriously hope I keep this up haha. Anyway, today’s outfit is one of my faves by far! It’s super me and of course its warm and cozy for the winter time. This is my oversize black sweater outfit! Honestly any outfit can look good with the right shoes and accessories as I mentioned in my previous post. For real though this tip works for everyone and every style because shoes and accessories are your best friend I promise.



Stacked necklaces are a classic for plain outfits. My fave moon necklace is from Spencers, my velvet choker is actually from Claire’s and my other necklace was from my sister so I have no clue where it’s from. So fashion tip of the week! If you have a very plain outfit and one necklace won’t do the trick try to stack multiple necklaces of different lengths for a fun look!




My leggings are just basic Victoria Secret PINK ones because they’re just so comfy and flattering. And my beautiful books are Cagney 725 Originals.


That is it for my post this week! Sorry I didn’t have too many photos of this outfit it was very cold outside and I did not want to turn into an ice cube but I did my best for you guys! Be sure to follow my social media liked below for daily posts and updates. OH one last thing! Aside from my normal YouTube channel I decided to make one for my blog here! I’ll be sharing behind the scenes of my photo shoots, fashion/beauty tips, and just fun things like that so you should check that out too.

YouTube for this site:

Instagram: Kaitlyn_Moore15

Twitter: Kaitlyn_Moore15

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Effortlessly Chic

Hello lovelies!

It’s been awhile huh? (September 14th 2017 was my latest blog post) Well that’s just because it’s been way to cold for me to go outside in this weather modeling my cute clothes for you guys. Like seriously it’s been -32 C which for those of you who do temperature in Fahrenheit it’s -25.6 F according to google. So that’s very cold but I was lucky enough to get out at only 5 degrees Celsius which is 41 degrees Fahrenheit and yes it was still very cold and snowy but I toughed it out to get a blog post going! I did a couple of outfits so hopefully I have stuff to post from now on haha. So without anymore blabbing on here is my cute  and comfy outfit!




This outfit is very casual and laid back, but at the same time i’m keeping it glam and chic. It’s one of those outfits that looks like you didn’t even try but you still make it look like it belongs on the runway kind of deal. I’m keeping it very basic with a plain white Ralph Lauren Tee and light wash skinny jeans.




To make the outfit not so casual that you’ll fall sleep and be like “wow this isn’t fashion this is just laundry day” I added some accessories. In the winter time I tone down my style because it’s very cold and I honestly just want to be warm but I still need that glamorous feeling going on and to turn peoples heads when I enter the room. So I went for a cute light pink bomber jacket (it was so hard to find one!!) I got this one from H&M and my two necklaces are from a local store aren’t they cute together?



Lastly my boots are from LuLu’s and that;s it for this outfit! I think it’s super comfy, warm, and of course stylish! My next few outfits are probably going to be very laid back like this one as it’s cold and I want to be warm and cute. So I’ll see you in my next blog post which we can hope is next Saturday and I want to post more tips and stuff on this blog so I can post more then just once a week and I’ll see you next time. Follow my blog for more and I love you toodles!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Mysteriously Glam

Hello Lovelies!

Fall is pretty much here! But the weather is doing the whole warm one day, cold the next kind of thing so it is a bit hard to stay in the fall fashion mindset when it’s super hot out and you wanna wear darker thicker clothing and sweaters, but my solution is to bring fall into my summerish clothing. I love girly fashion just as much as I love darker spookier fashion and when I think of fall I think of darker tones, boots, mesh, skirts with tights, and just overall glam and comfort so here we go for a glam and dark end of summer start of fall outfit!



My shirt and skirt wrinkle a lot when I wear them maybe they’re too big on me or it’s the fact that they’re slim fitting so they bunch up a lot because of the soft stretchy fabric but I still think it looks cute.




My skirt is from Ardene and it was the inspiration for my outfit. I was out shopping the day I bought it I had a vision for it so I went to all the stores in my mall to find a black mesh top to match it and I found one at a store called Garage so this is a very cheap and affordable outfit if you can’t afford brand names like Burberry, Chanel, Guess, etc.




My shoes were also from Ardene and they’re a perfect fall staple since they’re ankle combat boot wedges (wow that’s a lot of words!) My tights are from Ebayand I’ve always wanted a pair of tights like these since I was younger they remind me of a pirate or a circus performer and they’re just so slimming and make me look and feel taller because of the directions of the stripes.


Thanks for reading my post I hope you enjoyed my outfit I had lots of fun styling it and finding all the pieces for it. I feel like this outfit is just such a perfect outfit for the warmer fall weather and it just looks amazing this is one of my fave outfits ever and I hope you enjoyed it too! Leave a comment letting me know what you think and maybe you could follow my blog for more cute outfit posts like this!

Where To Buy

Top: Garage

Skirt: Ardene

Boots: Ardene

Tights: EBay

Casually Classy

Hello Lovelies,

This is just a quick outfit post since half my photos did not turn out the way I wanted. Anyway I hope you still find this outfit cute!








Sorry this was such a plain boring post I’m super busy with school at the moment and don’t have lots of time to take photos and write a blog post this week since I have too many essasys to write but hey atlest I made a post so that is good.

Where To Buy:

Top: Ardne

Underneath Top: H&M

Skirt: Gargae