Fierce and Edgy

Hello Lovelies

This outfit is inspired by fall! What about it is inspired by fall? Well first off the darker tones of colour are screaming fall! The red velvet skirt is just such a fall staple and the tough edgy top and makeup remind me of fashion week and the fierce models. I hope you find this outfit as cute as I do!




My shirt is from BlueNotes which is a store I wouldn’t normally shop at but around fall they’ve got some nice edgier pieces that if styled right can look runway chic! Tie up shirts are so in this season so why not go simple and wear a plain black one since the tie up in the front is making such a statement you would not want to wear a bright neon top like this or it will just look tacky.




Accessories are also pretty simple since less is always best in the fashion industry. Two pearl style bracelets from Le Chateau and a velvet choker from some where I forget haha. Then of course my fave fall booties from PayLess I’ve had these bad boys for years and they are pretty dirty but it went with the look so why not (I’m cleaning them though so do not worry!)



And that was the finished look! I hope you thought it was super fierce yet edgy, I feel so NYC Fall right now and I hope you do as well! Before you go follow my blog for more fabulous outfit posts and inspiration I try my best to post frequently fabulous content for you! And stay glam I love you!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Glam City Girl

Hello Lovelies

It’s been awhile since I last posted sorry! I had all these outfits all ready to post but forgot where I saved the files haha but don’t worry I found them so now I can upload them throughout the days for you guys! So I recently visited the city which is where the inspiration for this outfit came from and it’s super girly and glamorous and I just love it.



My shirt is actually from H&M but it’s just so beautiful how could I’ve not gotten it? Since Fall is soon but we still have warmish summer fall weather I thought a velvet cami would be a good fit since everyone knows velvet is in like every fall.



So I’m not really 100% sure where my necklace is from since it was a gift from one of my friends but it was a peoples jewelers box but that might’ve just been an old box haha. And naturally I have one my fave pearl bracelet that I wear in pretty much every girly outfit.

8 7


Then I paired this outfit with some pink and gold heels I got on and my Vintage Strada Purse. Okay one problem with these shoes tho is that their wayyyy too big on my feet even tho I ordered my size.. But whenever I walk there’s so much room and my feet slide and pop out so it;s kind of annoying and I need a way to fix them.


And that ends this look! I think it’s very casual yet girly and perfect for a busy day out well staying cute and comfy. I hope you found this outfit super cute! If you want to see more outfits then follow my blog and leave a comment I love checking out other fashion blogs and getting inspired! You should also read all my other posts haha okay enough self promo I’ll write again soon toodles!

Where To Buy:

Top: H&M

Jeans: Garage

Heels: Aliexspress

Jewelry:  Le chateau. 

xoxo Kaitlyn

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Vampire Queen

Hello lovelies!

As some of you may know I’m into fashion design, well I decided why not start sharing some of the things I’ve made! So occasionally i’ll post the outfits I’ve made and hopefully you guys like them and maybe doing this will help my fashion career in the future so this dress is my newest piece and it was inspired by vampire queens and prom dresses.


As you can see it’s a very elegant dress and it’s this beautiful bright red which compliments my dark hair and pale skin. The fabric I used is like a stretchy polyester silk i’m not 100% sure but when I saw the way it moved when I picked up the fabric I knew it’d made a beautiful evening dress.



I actually used an old scarf’s fabric to make the waist belt it was the exact same shade of red as my dress and when I saw that I knew it had to be apart of this look. I actually just tie it out and bow it in the back and it looks really good.



I also had to make a criss cross neck tie because if you know me you know my current fashion obsession  is crossed neck ties on anything! I even added it to a swim suit I made! I just find it very pretty and flattering. I also love the look of folded fabric on dresses like I did for the top portion of my dress where I gathered and sewed it all so it made this nice tightly pulled fabric fold thingy.




My only accessories are my two silver pearl brackets which match my silver heels. I always wear this brackets when I have silver jewelry going on because they actually go with everything and add that perfect classy look to it because sometimes silver can look tacky or childish if it’s not styled correctly.




And that’s it for the dress I made! I really love how this turned out and currently it’s my favourite thing I’ve made maybe sometime i’ll post the sketch I drew of it and share more fashion designs with you guys if you enjoy this kind of post. Well I’ll see you in my next blog post or trend update toodles!

xoxo Kaitlyn

16th Birthday OOTD

Hello lovelies!

Today is another special day outfit post because it’s my sixteenth birthday today! My party is on Saturday so you’ll see my dress then but this is just the casual outfit I wore for today.


As you can tell it’s very fashionable (obviously because all my outfits are) but still on the casual side of things since today is just a chill day at home since all my friends have exams this week and I’m home schooled so I don’t get those scary exams so my birthday week is just spent with family at home and I also have cheerleading tumbling class tonight which is a good way to spend my birthday until my big party on Saturday.



Here I am wearing this super pretty necklace from aliexspress it’s just a diamondy crystal looking statement necklace and it really ties this look together since it compliments my top which I got from Guess.




Of course I’m wearing my fave pearl bracelet from Le Cheatu and also this gold 16 bracelet my grandma got me at the jewelry store! It’s so delicate and pretty and yes I know my necklace is silver and my bracelet is gold and those colours can be tacky together but the bracelet is so small and dainty no one will really notice since it doesn’t clash like at all.




Now we have my purse which is also from Le Cheatu you guys see this one lots of time as it’s one of my go to purses and I adore it! Then for shoes I have these Findi white wedge heels which are also super cute and match my top.



And that’s it for my outfit! I love this outfit it’s one of my new faves and it’s just so stylish but simple which is what I’m all about. I hope you guys thought it was cute and It feels great to finally be 16 years old now! I’ve wanted to be 16 for so long because A it’s my fave number and B it’s just such a magical age for some reason I find it very glamorous. Anyway leave a comment and follow my blog I try to post daily about the latest trends, Advice, Quizzes, and my outfits I’ll talk to you guys later toodles!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Father’s Day Special! My Dad’s OOTD

Hello lovelies!

Kaitlyn here and this outfit post is extra special because it’s father’s day and someone called Alexandria wrote to me and asked if i’d like to make a post showing off my dad’s outfit and I agreed! It’s a fabulous idea and my dad loves supporting my website and stuff so we got straight to work and I took his photos in one of his fave outfits that really shows off his style take a look.


Here’s the full look of his everyday style. As you can tell he’s very casual and brightly dressed, he loves wearing bright orange shirts he honestly owns more than ten orange shirts with different a designs on them! Here is one of his many oranges shirts as you can see he has a weird math like problem on it.



For accessories he has on his watch which he wears everyday and it’s probably from Walmart or Canadian tire though since he’s not into designer clothes like me which is totally fine since everyone likes different things and I think the way he dresses suits him very well much better then some designer suits and ties would.


I told him we were going to do a half view so he separated him self with his arm because he’s a dad and they make jokes like that.


These are his glasses which he wears every day since he’s super blind without them and I picked these out for him which is probably the only reason they’re the most expensive part of his outfit it’s as close to designer he can get and that’s okay because it’s his style and he likes it.



Lastly we have his shoes which he got at Payless and they match all his clothes so he likes them. Now it’s time for you to see his embarrassing model poses I hope you don’t cringe too much 😂




Okay that’s it for his “dad model posses” they’re super funny and we had a great time doing this photo shoot together.


I hope you enjoyed this post be sure to share it so your friends and family can get a laugh and tell me about your dad’s fashion styles in the comments and I’ll see you in my next blog post probably tomorrow toodles!

If your dad needs more stylish well fitted pants check out these pants at Bonobos

xoxo Kaitlyn

Summer 2017’s Hottest Fashion Trends!

It’s pretty much summer time now which means no school aka more time at the mall looking cute! So you’ll obviously want to be wearing some of this seasons hottest trends and incorporate them into your very own style. So let’s flash back to good old fashion week where summer’s trends showed and see which ones really made the cut this season!

Off The Shoulder


This was in last fall and it’s making it’s way into Summer too! Off the shoulder shirts and dresses are always huge and this summer is perfect to wear them! I;v been seeing these in all the stores at the malls so you’re sure to get your hands on one and rock the world!

Tight Waist Tops


Everyone should have a well fitted top but this trend takes the cake! Weather you’re wearing a corset style top or just wearing a tight shirt showing off that shape in your body is super cute and flirty.

Think Pink!


My favourite trend this year is the colour pink and i’m so happy to see it at all the stores in the mall it makes shopping so much easier for me since I normally wear pinks and whites with the occasional bold colours here and there but mostly pinks and whites.

Stripes, Stripes, and even more Stripes


Stripes are everywhere small ones, big ones, and even bright and bold ones! Stripes can be flattering if you find the right kind but that’s not always the case so just try out this trend and see what you think of it!



For the last trend from fashion week I’ve been seeing everywhere at the mall and online and just on people is bras. Not like your normal bras but more like bralettes or crop top styles. You just throw one on under a shirt that shows too much and it’s like an instant glam cover up! or just wear one with a high waisted skirt and pull of that old school Ariana Grande vibe.

Those were the 5 hottest fashion trends for summer 2017! Have you been noticing these in stores? Leave a comment and tell me what other trends you’ve been seeing and follow my website for more of the latest teen/young adult fashion and beauty trends, tips and ticks.

I don’t own the photos but I did do all the research on which trends made the cut for this post here are links to the sources I got the photos from and these articles also list a some of summer’s upcoming trends too give them a read!

Photo Sources: 



Harpers Bazer


How To Walk In Heels

Hello Lovelies

It just crossed my mind that my website is called “HighHeels”N”HighFashion” But I don’t think i’ve ever made a post just about high heels but today that changes in one of my latest YouTube videos I’m showing you how to walk in high heels, how to make them more comfortable and less painful as well different kinds of heels. Watch my latest video and become the master of high heels and walk the world like it’s your runway!